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Every voice can be beautiful. Discover that you are designed like a hi-fidelity speaker, with an ability to produce well-tuned and resonant sound, without force. 

For one-on-one coaching, I offer hour and half-hour sessions online utilizing Zoom, a wonderful video conferencing service that allows us to record each session. 4 & 8 Session series packages are available.

If you are on the path to healing from a diagnosis of vocal nodules, pre-nodule conditions, polyps or laryngeal reflux, or spasmodic dysphonia, know that you are not alone on your vocal journey. Bel canto can assist you to heal your voice.


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Bel Canto Basics:
In this class, I focus on topics including:
• How does the voice work best?
• Easy and consistent breath control
• Stay in tune - all the time!
• Maintain great speech & singing quality
• Singing is like flying a helicopter
• How do we create artistry & resonance
• Discover your own unique voice
• You are the magic! Find out why!

Bel Canto Certification:
Next group opportunity will be Fall of 2018. This is a Two-Year Course that includes monthly group online classes, individual vocal sessions and interactive coaching. This course prepares the practitioner to assist others with their vocal journey. Great for the music educator who wants to more effectively assist young and old alike!

Bel Canto for Barbershop:
In this class, I focus on topics including:
• Breath preparation and engagement
• Become an amplifier versus projector
• History of bel canto tradition
• Cone of bel canto = cone in barbershop
• The magic of our inner structure
• Volume control without force
• Effective articulation and onsets
• Shift from technique to artistry


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Simplified Bel Canto techniques stabilize the common pitfalls of group singing and synchronize without years of training. Tuning, air management, resonance, and effective delivery become effortless, as we stabilize our vocal  instrument with absolutely no force or strain! 

Whether you have a chorus of 200 or 20, I love bringing this amazing understanding to singers of all levels and abilities! I offer follow-up online sessions via Zoom, as well as support tools to utilize following an in-person training session with me. Contact us today to plan your coaching event.

Free your group to sing as their most true, authentic selves, and attain high level professional results. Whether they are singing 4-Part a cappella and competitive barbershop, sacred and secular music, musical theater, jazz, alternative, country, rock or rap, Debra Lynn's delivery of these bel canto principles will bring fast and effective results.


other resources

The Bel Canto Buzz:  
One day, I experienced effortless singing.
The first sentence of my introduction to The Bel Canto Buzz, the summary of how bel canto transformed the way I sing forever. Written for any experience level, I believe the ideas shared will have the same effect on you. Available through in paperback & Kindle, for the Nook and for iBook.

Men and Women's Warm-ups: If you'd like to experience the freedom this technique can offer you, but aren't quite sure how to get there, I've created a warm-up routine for you that will align your instrument. This work will open your voice to you, and open you to your voice. 

Look for our new Belcanto App coming soon for the iPhone, iPad & Android.

Vaccai Exercises: A perfect add-on to my vocal warm-ups, these short, manageable songs in Italian, introduce concepts of great singing in a logical progression of interval training. I've selected seven of my favorites, and included diction, learning and accompaniment tracks for you.

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